Boost your customer loyalty & referral program

Add on-brand loyalty and referral programs to your tracking pages to drive measurable increases in LTV.


Your shipment tracking page has the highest traffic. Leverage it to build loyal customers.

How it works


Gain the visibility you need

Get a clear view of all your orders (in transit, late, delivered, etc) thanks to our auto sync feature.

Create a unique and engaging delivery experience

Craft your own notifications & embedded tracking page for a branded post-purchase experience.


Take a proactive approach to support

Inform your customers proactively of any delivery issues with AI-calculated ETAs & notification updates for stalled shipments.

Get real-time updates

Gain insight into order status in real-time within Magento using our Chrome extension.




One stop shop

With Shipup, your customers never have to leave your tracking page to take an action.


Ease of use

The Shipup integration takes minutes to install, no coding experience necessary.


Branded communications

Customize your tracking page to match your brand style and website.


Advanced analytics

Track link clicks and engagement to measure the success of your loyalty programs.

Set up


Connect in a click

Create & connect an embedded tracking page to your website in just a few clicks. Shipup integrates with both Magento 1 and 2.

Drag and drop

Edit your tracking page & notifications with an easy-to-use drag & drop editor.


See Shipup in Action

Our partners



Very happy to be able to personalize emails. All markets use Shipup, FR, IT, ES / CA and US recently launched. Very few complaints related to delivery.

- Filorga

We have more leverage with our carriers & warehouse to decrease the time it takes to create an order. It’s increased the quality of the data we have about our shipping operations.


Shipup’s tracking page builder is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.

- Highline Wellness

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