Resolve incidents in real time

Link customer conversations to delivery tracking information and notify customer service as soon as a problem is reported.


Gain instant visibility into delivery issues to enhance customer experience.

How it works


Improve customer satisfaction

Solve chats and tickets faster by having access to relevant delivery data from Shipup, such as address details, shipping status, and shipping events from within Zendesk.

Make problem resolution easy

Make it easy for your customers to solve their issues and create requests for damaged or missing products with a guided resolution path in your automated post-delivery surveys.


Streamline communications and get better feedback

Send a templated survey at delivery to automatically collect and import crucial information about your customers' experience into your CRM along with relevant data like tracking and order numbers.



Shipping alerts

Shipping alerts are automatically created when customers experience issues with their packages so your customer service team can respond immediately.


Chat integration

Link your customers' conversations to delivery tracking information to enhance customer support chats.


Multi-store connection

You can have multiple widgets in Zendesk, each with a different Key Shipup API.


Ticketing system

Centralize all your customer feedback upon delivery in one place.

Set up


Native integration

Install the Shipup Support and Chat Extension in Zendesk via the Marketplace.

See Shipup in Action

Our partners



Very happy to be able to personalize emails. All markets use Shipup, FR, IT, ES / CA and US recently launched. Very few complaints related to delivery.

- Filorga

We have more leverage with our carriers & warehouse to decrease the time it takes to create an order. It’s increased the quality of the data we have about our shipping operations.


Shipup’s tracking page builder is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.

- Highline Wellness

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